Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Missing Carlitos

We knew it would be this way. Having Carlos Tevez in a West Ham shirt was like your everyday bloke dating Julia Roberts. I will always -- ALWAYS -- support the club and wear the shirt and colours proudly, but something's just not the same. It's like when Paolo DiCanio left ... there's just an empty feeling. I don't know about you lads, but 75 per cent of the fun for me when watching football is the promise of skill and the unknown. A flick here, a side-foot there, something that makes you rise from your seat (or the sofa!) This team that Curbs has assembled is hard-working and industrious. But it lacks flair, a bit of 'oomph' that makes them essential viewing. Maybe when Julien Faubert comes back we will see a player who can run at defenders like Matty Etherington (sometimes) now does. Until then, I am pining for the little Argentine. What a breath of fresh air he was. Carlos, Carlos, please come back!