Friday, June 30, 2006

Reo-Coker: Oh Captain, My Captain!!!!

Psssssttttt ... Here's a little secret: This fella is the key to our 2006-07 season. Yes, we need Marlon to come good again with 15-plus goals, for Anton and Gabbers to lock down that middle in the final third and for Yossi to do what he does when it comes to match-winning quality. But anyone who watched the FA Cup final with a critical eye saw Nige boss the midfield whenever he had the ball at his feet. Nigel's near-winner late on aside, the best player on the pitch in the initial 90 mins (after Gerrard, of course) was our own No.20, when, considering you had the likes of Hyypia and Carragher on the field, was no small feat. Even with Benayoun shining beyond his usual standard, NRC was crafting a performance for the ages.
Our Reo Mark II has speed and guile, but also a nose for the big game. Don't sell this geezer, Pards. He'll win you some silverware, and sooner rather than later.