Saturday, July 01, 2006

You Reap What You Sow

It's a great saying, and it applies to Engerland's exit from this World Cup. When you have two 8-year-olds screaming at the telly (like my sons were) for the team to attack!! instead of playing conservative, timid, we-have-no-creative-ideas pass after pass from defender to defender like the Three Lions did in the first half, you know you will have problems. And did they ever.
It all goes back to Sven and his coach-not-to-lose philosophy. As cynical as some of the Portuguese players were with their diving (Maniche in particular), what England fan wouldn't have killed for some of Big Phil's oomph to be transferred to our lads as he prowled the Portuguese touchline? The saddest part is that with McClaren, it could be 4 more years of the same. I would hate to lose him, but it's time for a bold move: Pardew for England!!!!