Monday, June 30, 2008

While Walking On The Beach ...

Saturday afternoon, about 4:35 p.m. East Coast time, and it was time for a 50-minute stroll along the Atlantic Ocean in 90-degree sunshine on the North End beach in our beloved Ocean City, New Jersey -- heading south down the island, starting from the Seaspray beach. My good English friend Jim Sturman always says how southern New Jersey should market itself in Europe in order to become a must-visit summer destination. At this time of day, the North End of OC does have a Mediterranean feel to it. The cities of Longport and Margate that shimmer across the water in the late-afternoon sunshine could well be Tripoli, Libya or any other European port. It's that beautiful. Most men, while taking a contemplative walk in these surroundings, would take stock of career, family, etc. Me? I was crafting a mental blueprint for my 2008-09 English Premier League Fantasy Team. The first five names will be these: Fernando Torres (pictured), Carlos Tevez, Matty Upson, Robert Green and Gael Clichy. I had all 5 of those players for most or all of last season and finished respectably in the various private leagues I belong to. Based on Torres' scintillating performance in yesterday's Euro 2008 final, I will be in relatively good shape. I love the summer weather, but August -- and the Premiership -- can't come quickly enough for this beach-dweller.