Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Claudio Reyna: Can He Carry A Team?

The lads and I have been to quite a few Red Bulls matches lately. I have always enjoyed the technical prowess of our No. 10, aka Captain America. He passes the ball cleanly and accurately. The problem? Those passes are almost always lateral or backwards in nature. Come on, Claudio, how bout a probing, forward pass once in a while? We are dying to see brash, attacking football in New Jersey -- and you, as the local lad done good, should be the one to provide it. Don't let the soul-less Bruce Arena, with his rigid adherence to systems and tactics, stamp the Beautiful Game out of your DNA. Let some of that Portuguese and Argentine ancestry come out of the woodwork. The New York/New Jersey market is ripe for some soccer played the right way. Get in there and lead from the front (of the midfield). Find Angel with some of those searing passes, and we are well and truly in business!