Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Iraq Wins One For The Ages

Their country is in meltdown, wracked by sectarian violence, a well meaning-but-occupying force and the chaos that comes with civil strife, yet Iraq managed a victory of unimaginable proportions in the Asian Cup final last Sunday. A 1-0 win over a highly-favored Saudi Arabia was not only well-deserved, but it lifted a fractured nation, if only temporarily, out of its cycle of gloom. And, from a purely footballing sense, the Iraqis showed flair and panache in domination a seasoned Asian team like Saudi Arabia. An added bonus for USA soccer fans -- we get to play them in the Confederations Cup in South Africa in 2009. Hopefully, the match will be played in a spirit of goodwill, against the backdrop of a violence-free Iraq. One can only hope.