Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Carlitos... Legend!!!!

It's taken me a while to comment on this, but watching Carlos Tevez score what might be a title-winning equalizer for Man. United v. Blackburn this past weekend with an acrobatic, glancing header brought all the old feelings rushing back.
This little man paid a dear price on the pride level when it came to Pards and Curbs not playing him. He must have been thinking, "What am I doing here at such a small, backward club?"
The words might hurt us who are Hammers, but to strand an international striker of his caliber on the bench for 75 percent of a Premier League season ... well, you have to wonder.
The fact that he paid such a wonderful, "crossed Hammers" tribute to us 
back in December speaks volumes about the Argentine's priorities. He could have held back and been gracious without going over the top, but our old No. 32 met us on our own terms. All the luck in the world to you, Carlos. You deserve it.