Friday, April 04, 2008

Red Bulls' opener Saturday night

Juan Pablo Angel (pictured), Claudio Reyna, coach Juan Carlos Osorio and the rest of the New York Red Bulls crew get their MLS season started Saturday night (April 5th) against the Columbus Crew at Giants Stadium. Some of the league's teams have already played 2 matches, so it's important for the Bulls to put some points on the board early. The Pardew's Guardian crew will be on hand, of course, so if you are watching the match in the USA on Fox Soccer Channel, look for the 'Northfield, New Jersey' Red Bulls flag when corners are taken from the left (as you look at the screen). I think Osorio will get the best out of this team (with 2 or 3 additions to come). I predict 13 wins and 7 draws out of the 30 matches. Angel and Jozy Altidore are the best strike force in the league, and while we have him Altidore must imprint himself on MLS -- even if it's just for one more season. With a full campaign in front of him, you have to say Angel is capable of 25 goals, providing he receives the proper service. And, don't discount the impact goalkeeper Jon Conway can have this season. If he plays well, we make the Eastern Conference finals. If not, we struggle to reach the postseason. Simple, really!