Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jozy Altidore, Superstar!

So, "Our Lad" is finally starting to grow up. He endures a tough first half during a dreary Sunday match vs. San Jose at Estadio de Gigantes. Apparently, not only his teammates but his manager, Juan Carlos Osorio, get on his case in the dressing room at halftime. He has two choices -- either he resents the veteran intervention, or he adjusts his attitude (and his game) and approaches the second frame like the USA and Europe-bound striker he is. And, if he didn't do just that!
A penalty won, and a true poacher's goal (and the contributions of fellow striker John Wolyniec can't go unnoticed) and, all of a sudden, the Bulls head into Thursday night's match against resurgent Toronto FC with a chance to make the early-season Eastern Conference standings read a bit more interesting. Hmmmm ....