Thursday, April 17, 2008

La Liga ramblings from a Real Madrid fan (Vol. 2)


Can’t say I didn’t warn you... Barcelona is now just 1 point ahead of 3rd-place Villarreal, who don’t play a team higher than 8th place the remainder of the season. Regardless of what league you’re in or what level you play at, you can’t drop points to teams you SHOULD beat --especially not this late in the season, when every touch of the ball becomes that much more critical.

Draw, draw, lose, win, draw ... Barcelona has no choice but to beat Espanyol this coming weekend if they have any hope of catching Real Madrid who, after this past weekend's win over Murcia, are now in first place by 9 points.

But perhaps the shocker of the week was Ronaldhino coming to an agreement with AC Milan. The only sticking point is freeing himself from that pesky Barcelona contract. For months, we’ve heard there are no problems or egos at Barcelona. Of course they’re going to say that, but actions definitely speak louder than words. Not only is Ronaldinho leaving, but apparently he’s willing to buy out his own contract to be allowed to leave -- if that’s not a disgruntled employee, I don’t know what is. Perhaps the big story in La Liga will come in the offseason, when I suspect there will be a HUGE shakeup in Barcelona.